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FAG is a company based in Ozzano Emilia, in the province of Bologna, Italy. It was founded in 1974 as a manufacturer of filters for diesel oil and fuel oil burners and special filters made to customer specifications.

Over the years, the company has grown considerably and has broadened its product range.


Our company is careful to the growing market needs and has a certified quality system for the whole range of products in our catalogue.

 Moreover, it has recently enlarged its production facility by adding an indoor area of 2.000 mq. and outdoor area of 5000 mq.


Inside its factory, the company has both a die-casting department and a department where the dies used for its products are built. Thanks to this strategy, FAG is capable of keeping each unit manufactured in its factory completely under control, whatever the configuration of the individual cast items. 


Thanks to the addition of new production facilities and constant development achieved by updating processing techniques, the company may ensure efficiency and total quality in production and guaranteeoptimal product standards to its customers.



Large-scale investments, constant efforts in the field of research and development and the readiness of personell to take on responsability in the performance of their jobs make FAG an efficient company, able to provide complte customer service founded on a blend of competence and quality.